Blog - What makes Almond Breeze froth


Blog - What makes Almond Breeze froth

What makes Almond Breeze froth

2020 was a ....year. The pandemic raged and our governments and healthcare systems battled the virus, and whilst we all adjusted to the new normal, afresh challenge affected coffee lovers. Years of finessing the details of how to start our mornings just right were interrupted by the latest part of life that none of us saw coming - working from home!

Whilst we can all do our part to support our local café's , swathes of home - based workers have had to accept that brewing at home is going to be part of our new morning routine.

We have previously covered what machine you need to get your temperature bang on , and what kind of beans to use to replicate that brew that only your barista could perfect , but we must now turn our attention and focus on the froth.

Many specially designed frothing products will get your milk frothed to a high standard. However, let's take a look at how we can make do with what we have round the house already to get your milk froth up to scratch with your coffee.

1. Whisk it up

We all know plenty of recipes to use your normal kitchen whisk but it is also a great tool to create a real ly good froth. With your kitchen hob on medium heat, pour your milk into a small saucepan and start to heat the milk through. You can then begin quickly whisking the milk as vigorously as possible. Don’t let the milk boil over !

2. Let's go French

Making a few coffees? Then going French is your best option! Start by heating your milk through on the hob, again ensuring that your milk does not begin to boil. After your milk is heated through pop it into your French Press. Hold the lid of the French Press carefully then rapidly begin pushing your French Press down then pulling it back up over and over again. Eventually, your milk will begin frothing up!

3. Shake Shake Shake

To kick start this shaking method, pour your milk into a sealable jar then start shaking -simple as. You are going to want to shake for around one minute. To heat your milk after shaking, pop it straight into the microwave on high heat. After another minute in there, your morning coffee is good to go!

4. Blend it baby

Similar to our whisk it up method but much less effort! Yet again, get started by heating your milk through on the hob, use your medium saucepan and don't allow that milk to boil! After your milk is warm (not boiling!) all the way through pop it in your blender. Blend the milk on the medium setting until it begins to froth.

So, give geurilla frothing a go and perfect that new morning routine!